Beginners Astrology 101 | Learn all 12 Zodiac Signs

hey guys i want us all to be on the same page. here is the gist of the 12 zodiac signs. i am starting a quick beginners series on my channel so that we can all know the zodiac signs, the planets and the houses and what they mean.

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Aries ♈️
Taurus ♉️
Gemini ♊️
Cancer ♋️
Leo ♌️
Virgo ♍️
Libra ♎️
Scorpio ♏️
Sagittarius ♐️
Capricorn ♑️
Aquarius ♒️
Pisces ♓️


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Afra-Vedic Astrology combines traditional and modern astrological techniques to create a plethora of resources for anyone interested in learning the science of light, while simultaneously staying connected to our Earth. Here we explore how the planetary bodies interact with the Earth to create a natural phenomenon called patterns. Astrology utilizes the stillness of stargazing to accurately predict patterns of behavior, as well as natural and World events.

Afra-Vedic Astrology combines ancient study & modern interpretations of the 27 nakshatras as these lunar mansions are what make up and determine the order of the Universe. There is Beauty in Order.

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